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Revised: February 22, 2021

For details, please see: Insight Improvisation Certification Guidelines (PDF)


Certification in Insight Improvisation is for anyone who would like to more deeply understand its underlying principles and techniques, and who would like to apply Insight Improv in working with peers, therapy clients, or when teaching groups.

There are three levels of certification in Insight Improvisation:

  1. Insight Improvisation Practitioner (IIP) for those using Insight Improvisation as an individual or peer practice.
  2. Certified Insight Improvisation Practitioner (CIIP) for therapists using Insight Improvisation as a drama therapy approach with clients.
  3. Certified Trainer (CIIP/CT) for drama therapists and others teaching group programs in Insight Improvisation.

Joel Gluck, MEd, RDT/BCT, CIIP/CT, the originator of Insight Improvisation, offers training and certification in the US and internationally.

The Certification Process

Certifying in Insight Improv is a peer- and instructor-supported experience that includes experiential and conceptual learning, a deeper dive into Insight Improv techniques and their applications, and a safe and supported context for continuing one's own journey of personal growth and learning.

When you enter the certification process you will:

  • Join an eight-session instructor-led certification group for the purpose of in-depth teaching, training, sharing experiences as a cohort, and facilitating the certification process.
    • Learn about Insight Improvisation, its applications, and related disciplines in greater depth, including terminology, concepts, techniques, history/background/context, etc.
    • Gain support and encouragement in completing the certification requirements during the eight session program.
  • Experience advanced programs in Insight Improv—either online or in-person.
  • Practice Insight Improv one-to-one with fellow trainees.
    • Use techniques such as psolodrama for personal exploration, growth, and learning.
    • Strengthen your capacity to be a supportive and nonjudgmental witness for others.
  • Have an individual session with a trainer to gain a more thorough understanding of the witnessing and sharing processes.
  • Engage in in-depth study in meditation, authentic movement, and theater.
    • Experience a silent meditation retreat.
    • Learn about the practice of authentic movement from experienced teachers.
    • Create your own one-person show.
  • Write an original article or essay about your experiences with Insight Improvisation.
Learn more about the certification process: Insight Improvisation Certification Guidelines (PDF)

Certification Groups

Upcoming Groups—Register Now

International Certification Group Cohorts will be starting this year. For more information and registration info contact the certification coordinator in your country or region—see below.

Certification Coordinators

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Certification

How much does it cost?
We strive to make our programs and individual sessions as affordable as possible, and often use a sliding scale or "Pay What You Feel is Right" to make our programs accessible to everyone regardless of ability to pay. Once all requirements are met, certification itself is free of charge. Enrolling in a Certification Group, like any Insight Improv program, does cost money, but that amount varies by country/region. In addition, individual sessions with an Insight Improv trainer usually are billed at an hourly rate. For specific information, please contact the Certification Coordinator in your region and/or the trainer you will be working with.
How long does it take to become certified?
At the IIP level, apart from additional required programs, all other requirements should be able to be completed during the course of the Certification Group Program, which is approximately four months long. The same should be true at the CIIP and CT levels, depending on the trainee's availability to conduct and document the required therapy or training sessions.
How can I learn more about certification?
A few ways:
  • Read the certification guidelines here.
  • Contact the Certification Coordinator in your region for questions about registration and payment—see above.
  • Email us regarding any other questions you may have.

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