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Updated: June 5, 2019

Insight Improvisation programs are divided into four categories: (B)asic, (A)dvanced, (T)rain-the-trainer, and (S)pecial.

Basic Program: Life Drama

The Life Drama 4-day program is designed to introduce participants to drama therapy, psychodrama, and Insight Improvisation, and is appropriate for therapists and other mental health professionals, educators, coaches, performing artists, as well as those interested in their own self-development and personal growth. It is the basic, introductory program to Insight Improvisation and is a prerequisite for most advanced programs.

Life Drama consists of two parts:

  • B1: An Introduction to Drama Therapy and Psychodrama (2 days) In this introductory workshop, we introduce fundamental techniques in drama therapy and psychodrama, using our own personal experiences as a basis for the drama. Exercises will range from fun introductory sharing and improvisational games, to deeper exercises that invite self-expression, emotional sharing, and the opportunity to explore present challenges and heal old wounds.
  • B2: An Introduction to Insight Improvisation and Psolodrama (2 days. Prerequisite: B1*.) In this workshop we build on the learnings from the first part by introducing Insight Improvisation, a drama therapy approach that can be used in individual therapy, peer counseling, and with groups. Insight Improvisation combines mindfulness meditation with theater and psychotherapy. Through a mixture of theory as well as experiential techniques, we will learn to access inner imagery and inner roles, creating spontaneous dramas that evoke personal insight and emotional catharsis.

    *Certified drama therapists (RDTs) and psychodramatists (CPs) are exempt from this prerequisite, as are those with extensive experience using psychodrama.

Advanced Programs

The advanced curriculum in Insight Improvisation is for those interested in a more thorough understanding of and practice in applying its concepts and methods, and particularly for those interested in certification as a therapist using Insight Improvisation or as a trainer of the approach.

  • A1: Insight Improvisation: Exploring Authentic Impulse (2 days. Prerequisite: B2 or equivalent.) How can one listen to oneself more deeply, quiet the mind, and understand and follow one's intuition? This program takes a deeper dive into the concepts and exercises in Part I of the Insight Improvisation Book, helping to develop one's capacity for inner listening and the ability to follow authentic impulse. We will explore the mover and witness roles in authentic movement in greater depth, as well as introduce new mindfulness-based, creative and expressive exercises and alternative approaches to meditation. This program is appropriate for meditators, mental health professionals, educators, performing artists, and others seeking an opportunity for greater self-awareness, understanding, and ability to apply mindfulness in daily life.
  • A2: Insight Improvisation: Freedom in Performance (2 days. No prerequisites.). Exploring the intersection of theater and meditation (the focus of Part II of the Insight Improv book), this program is designed for anyone who would like a different view of what acting and improvisation are, and to improve their skills. Non-actors can also benefit, increasing their flexibility, spontaneity, and ability to relax and feel grounded in front of an audience. A fun workshop filled with spontaneity, creativity, and physical/vocal self-expression, key concepts include advanced exploration of Performance Mind and Being Mind; how to let go of "good ideas" and return to the present moment; and how to "enter empty," and come from one's own authentic center.
  • A3: Insight Improvisation: Psolodrama in Depth (2.5* days. Prerequisite: B2 or equivalent.) This program provides advanced training in psolodrama, a core practice in Insight Improvisation combining authentic movement and psychodrama, and containing elements of meditation, theatrical improvisation, and self-revelatory solo performance. This program includes training and practice in psoloist and witness roles, the four entryway practices leading to psolodrama, giving and receiving coaching during psolodrama, traditional psychodrama and the five psychodramatic roles, the three forms of awareness underlying psolodrama, creative variations on psolodrama, as well as information on how psolodrama is best used alone and in peer practice. *Extra half day is an optional evening session of individual coaching with group support.
  • A4: Insight Improvisation: Working with Individuals (2.5* days. Prerequisite: B2 or equivalent.) This program is for psychotherapists, therapists in training, and other helping professionals (such as coaches and counselors), interested in applying Insight Improvisation with their clients. Insight Improvisation is a unique approach to individual therapy that combines meditation, theater, and psychotherapy. This program includes training and practice in applying meditation and mindfulness with clients; simple ways to introduce drama therapy and psychodrama early in the therapy process; how to use the four entryway practices over a series of sessions with a client; how to introduce psolodrama to a client and how to actively support them as they are learning the form; elements of talk therapy and life coaching that support the Insight Improv therapy process; and hands-on practice experiencing therapy sessions in both client and therapist roles. *Extra half day is an optional evening session of individual coaching with group support.

Train-the-Trainer Programs

Please note: Becoming a trainer of Insight Improvisation is by invitation only. In order to register for these TTT programs or begin the certification process toward becoming a trainer, one must first receive a written invitation from Joel Gluck or the team of certified trainers.

T-level programs are for drama therapists and psychodramatists who have been invited to begin the process of becoming a trainer of Insight Improvisation; successfully completing these programs is a requirement for becoming a Certified Trainer (CIIP/CT).

  • T1: Facilitating Insight Improv Workshops Part I (6 days. Prerequisites: CIIP certification and approval by the trainer.) An introduction to the principles and programs for teaching Insight Improvisation. Includes a walk-through of all six Basic and Advanced programs, experiential exercises, and essential training in the nuances of teaching the work.
  • T2: Facilitating Insight Improv Workshops Part II (6 days. Prerequisites: T1 and approval by the trainer.) Practice teaching the six Basic and Advanced programs, with instructor and group feedback and coaching. (Following the program, the trainer determines whether further practice/coaching is needed in order to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum and training techniques.)

Special Programs

In addition to the standard curriculum, above, other programs are occasionally offered that are designed for particular populations or the general public.

  • S1: Insight Improvisation for Couples (2 days. No prerequisites.) This program is designed for those wishing to break free from habitual patterns and renew the sense of love, affection, adventure, and mutual support in their relationship. The stresses of modern life—including the pervasive use of technology, the expansion of work beyond the workday, and the demands of parenting—can contribute to a couple's losing their sense of passionate connection with one another. Relationships can become transactional; neither partner is fully present nor expressing their authentic emotional truth. This program brings together inspiring practices from the worlds of meditation and mindfulness, theater and improvisation, as well as creative arts therapy and coaching, to provide a unique opportunity for couples to encounter one another in new ways, to see each other with fresh eyes. Exercises include partner meditation, authentic movement, moving in contact, mindful massage, and mindful dialogue—practicing speaking from the heart and listening to one another with awareness, empathy, and caring. (Please note that this is not a performance workshop; couples who register together do each activity together one-to-one.)

Registration Guidelines

Those interested in registering for an Insight Improv program are asked to observe the following guidelines:

  • Each program, although therapeutic in nature, is not a psychotherapy group. Participants must have the ability to hold and support their own emotional process.
  • In order to help create a safe therapeutic container, participants are asked to register only if they can be present for the entire program.
  • The programs are appropriate for ages 21 and older.
  • For programs where we will not have a translator, fluency in English is required. Please check with the program organizer if you have concerns regarding translation.

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