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The Insight Improv Book

A full-length book, Insight Improvisation: Melding Meditation, Theater, and Therapy for Self-Exploration, Healing, and Empowerment, is currently in the process of being revised for publication. During this time, the original versions of each chapter (written between 2013 and 2016) are available to download, as is a PDF combining those chapters into a single document.

Download the draft book as a single PDF file.

Choose among individual chapters to view.

Chapters in Other Books

Insight Improvisation has been described in other books on creative arts therapy, theater, and mindfulness:

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  • Gluck, J. (2013), Insight Improvisation in Thailand: Drama therapy meets vipassana meditation. In S. B. Linden (Ed.), The heart and soul of psychotherapy: A transpersonal approach through theater arts. Bloomington, IN: Trafford.
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  • Gluck, J. (2007), Insight Improvisation: Integrating meditation, theater, and drama therapy. In A. Blatner and D. J. Wiener (Eds.), Interactive and improvisational drama. Lincoln, NE: iUniverse.


  • Webb, T. (2017). Drama therapy as peer practice: 12 years of sharing and witnessing psolodrama. Manuscript in preparation.
  • Jung, S. (2017). Individuals’ experiences of Insight Improvisation in Korea: Self-discovery, challenges, and breakthroughs. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  • Gluck, J. (2006, Spring). Psolodrama: Authentic movement meets psychodrama. A Moving Journal.

    The original, full-length version of this article is available here (small edits were made prior to publication due to space considerations).

  • Gluck, J. (2005, Winter). Insight Improvisation: Psolodrama. Dramascope.

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